Model Checking Contest @ Petri Nets 2016
6th edition, Toruń, Poland, June 21, 2016
Execution of r177kn-ebro-146433167700495
Last Updated
June 30, 2016

About the Execution of PeCan for S_CSRepetitions-PT-02

Execution Summary
Max Memory
Used (MB)
Time wait (ms) CPU Usage (ms) I/O Wait (ms) Computed Result Execution
374.470 51578.00 51793.00 73.00 TFFTTFFTTTFTTFTF normal

Execution Chart

We display below the execution chart for this examination (boot time has been removed).

Trace from the execution

Waiting for the VM to be ready (probing ssh)
Generated by BenchKit 2-2979
Executing tool pecan
Input is S_CSRepetitions-PT-02, examination is ReachabilityFireability
Time confinement is 3600 seconds
Memory confinement is 16384 MBytes
Number of cores is 1
Run identifier is r177kn-ebro-146433167700495

content from stdout:

=== Data for post analysis generated by BenchKit (invocation template)

The expected result is a vector of booleans

here is the order used to build the result vector(from text file)
FORMULA_NAME CSRepetitions-COL-02-ReachabilityFireability-0
FORMULA_NAME CSRepetitions-COL-02-ReachabilityFireability-1
FORMULA_NAME CSRepetitions-COL-02-ReachabilityFireability-10
FORMULA_NAME CSRepetitions-COL-02-ReachabilityFireability-11
FORMULA_NAME CSRepetitions-COL-02-ReachabilityFireability-12
FORMULA_NAME CSRepetitions-COL-02-ReachabilityFireability-13
FORMULA_NAME CSRepetitions-COL-02-ReachabilityFireability-14
FORMULA_NAME CSRepetitions-COL-02-ReachabilityFireability-15
FORMULA_NAME CSRepetitions-COL-02-ReachabilityFireability-2
FORMULA_NAME CSRepetitions-COL-02-ReachabilityFireability-3
FORMULA_NAME CSRepetitions-COL-02-ReachabilityFireability-4
FORMULA_NAME CSRepetitions-COL-02-ReachabilityFireability-5
FORMULA_NAME CSRepetitions-COL-02-ReachabilityFireability-6
FORMULA_NAME CSRepetitions-COL-02-ReachabilityFireability-7
FORMULA_NAME CSRepetitions-COL-02-ReachabilityFireability-8
FORMULA_NAME CSRepetitions-COL-02-ReachabilityFireability-9

=== Now, execution of the tool begins

BK_START 1465252145403

Generated by BenchKit MCC2016
Executing tool pecan:
Test is S_CSRepetitions-PT-02, examination is ReachabilityFireability

content from stdout:

START 1465252145
Xlib: extension "RANDR" missing on display ":99".
CSRepetitionsPT02PAT finished successfully.
FORMULA CSRepetitions-COL-02-ReachabilityFireability-0 TRUE TECHNIQUES EXPLICIT
FORMULA CSRepetitions-COL-02-ReachabilityFireability-1 FALSE TECHNIQUES EXPLICIT
FORMULA CSRepetitions-COL-02-ReachabilityFireability-2 TRUE TECHNIQUES EXPLICIT
FORMULA CSRepetitions-COL-02-ReachabilityFireability-3 TRUE TECHNIQUES EXPLICIT
FORMULA CSRepetitions-COL-02-ReachabilityFireability-4 FALSE TECHNIQUES EXPLICIT
FORMULA CSRepetitions-COL-02-ReachabilityFireability-5 TRUE TECHNIQUES EXPLICIT
FORMULA CSRepetitions-COL-02-ReachabilityFireability-6 TRUE TECHNIQUES EXPLICIT
FORMULA CSRepetitions-COL-02-ReachabilityFireability-7 FALSE TECHNIQUES EXPLICIT
FORMULA CSRepetitions-COL-02-ReachabilityFireability-8 TRUE TECHNIQUES EXPLICIT
FORMULA CSRepetitions-COL-02-ReachabilityFireability-9 FALSE TECHNIQUES EXPLICIT
FORMULA CSRepetitions-COL-02-ReachabilityFireability-10 FALSE TECHNIQUES EXPLICIT
FORMULA CSRepetitions-COL-02-ReachabilityFireability-11 TRUE TECHNIQUES EXPLICIT
FORMULA CSRepetitions-COL-02-ReachabilityFireability-12 TRUE TECHNIQUES EXPLICIT
FORMULA CSRepetitions-COL-02-ReachabilityFireability-13 FALSE TECHNIQUES EXPLICIT
FORMULA CSRepetitions-COL-02-ReachabilityFireability-14 FALSE TECHNIQUES EXPLICIT
FORMULA CSRepetitions-COL-02-ReachabilityFireability-15 TRUE TECHNIQUES EXPLICIT
STOP 1465252196

content from stderr:

content from /users/gast00/fkordon/BK_RESULTS/OUTPUTS/BenchKit_head_log_file.1848:

BK_STOP 1465252196981

content from stderr:

cat: /users/gast00/fkordon/BK_RESULTS/OUTPUTS/STDERR: No such file or directory

Sequence of Actions to be Executed by the VM

This is useful if one wants to reexecute the tool in the VM from the submitted image disk.

set -x
# this is for BenchKit: configuration of major elements for the test
export BK_INPUT="S_CSRepetitions-PT-02"
export BK_EXAMINATION="ReachabilityFireability"
export BK_TOOL="pecan"
export BK_RESULT_DIR="/users/gast00/fkordon/BK_RESULTS/OUTPUTS"

# this is specific to your benchmark or test

export BIN_DIR="$HOME/BenchKit/bin"

# remove the execution directoty if it exists (to avoid increse of .vmdk images)
if [ -d execution ] ; then
rm -rf execution

tar xzf /home/mcc/BenchKit/INPUTS/S_CSRepetitions-PT-02.tgz
mv S_CSRepetitions-PT-02 execution

# this is for BenchKit: explicit launching of the test

cd execution
echo "====================================================================="
echo " Generated by BenchKit 2-2979"
echo " Executing tool pecan"
echo " Input is S_CSRepetitions-PT-02, examination is ReachabilityFireability"
echo " Time confinement is $BK_TIME_CONFINEMENT seconds"
echo " Memory confinement is 16384 MBytes"
echo " Number of cores is 1"
echo " Run identifier is r177kn-ebro-146433167700495"
echo "====================================================================="
echo "--------------------"
echo "content from stdout:"
echo "=== Data for post analysis generated by BenchKit (invocation template)"
if [ "ReachabilityFireability" = "UpperBounds" ] ; then
echo "The expected result is a vector of positive values"
elif [ "ReachabilityFireability" != "StateSpace" ] ; then
echo "The expected result is a vector of booleans"
echo "no data necessary for post analysis"
if [ -f "ReachabilityFireability.txt" ] ; then
echo "here is the order used to build the result vector(from text file)"
for x in $(grep Property ReachabilityFireability.txt | cut -d ' ' -f 2 | sort -u) ; do
echo "FORMULA_NAME $x"
elif [ -f "ReachabilityFireability.xml" ] ; then # for cunf (txt files deleted;-)
echo echo "here is the order used to build the result vector(from xml file)"
for x in $(grep '' ReachabilityFireability.xml | cut -d '>' -f 2 | cut -d '<' -f 1 | sort -u) ; do
echo "FORMULA_NAME $x"
echo "=== Now, execution of the tool begins"
echo -n "BK_START "
date -u +%s%3N
timeout -s 9 $BK_TIME_CONFINEMENT bash -c "/home/mcc/BenchKit/ 2> STDERR ; echo ; echo -n \"BK_STOP \" ; date -u +%s%3N"
if [ $? -eq 137 ] ; then
echo "--------------------"
echo "content from stderr:"
cat STDERR ;