Model Checking Contest @ Petri Nets 2013
Milano, Italy, June 25, 2013
Call for the "Live Event"
Last Updated
Apr. 26, 2013


The Model Checking Contest @ PETRI NETS aims at evaluating tools for the modeling and model checking of concurrent systems. The now traditional examinations mostly focus on some performance aspects (e.g. covering of some type of properties, time and memory consumption, etc.). The objective of the "live event" is to consider another aspect of tools: their usability for the design of and analysis of models. In particular, we focus on:

This event is opened to teams of advanced students or researchers that would select a tool to use (among the ones which participated in the Model Checking Contest and agreed to also participate in the "live event"). They will have a limited time to solve a problem presented at Milano during the conference.

The "live event" will take place in Milano on June 25, 2013, from 9h00 to 15h00. We will handle 12 teams at most. Results will be given during the Banquet dinner on June 27, 2013 in the evening.

Participating teams will have to model a problem and evaluate its properties in a textual report. To do so, they will use one of the proposed tool. Le "Live Event" will nominate the best study of the problem on the one hand, and the most appreciated tool among the ones that were used, on the other hand.

Participating tools

So far, the following tools have accepted to participate:

The idea is to have at least one team per participating tool.

Registering to the MCC'2013 Live Event

To cope with organization matters, participating teams must register to Fabrice Kordon before June 15, 2013.

IMPORTANT: each team must select the tool they will use, when registering to the MCC'2013 Live Event.

Organization of the MCC'2013 Live Event

The procedure of the MCC'2013 live event will be:

A computer room will be available on site. Teams may also use their own computers.

Evaluation criteria

Evaluation criteria for the modeling and analysis of the problem are:

Evaluation criteria for tools are: