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Model Checking Contest @ PETRI NETS 2012
Hamburg, Germany, June 25-29 2012
May 9, 2012: update of the submission kit with properties
the deadline is pushed up to May 20, 2012
Note: to have a lighter archive, folders PROPRIETARY have been removed,
if you need to locate your own format, just put your own with your own files in.

Call for Participation

After the call for model, the second call of the Model Checking Contest is the submission of Tools to be evaluated against the benchmark made of the MCC'2011 models, enriched with the models submitted during the first step of MCC'2012. To submit a tool, please respect the following procedure:

You may have a look at the submission manual here. A pdf version of the call is also available here.

Operating the virtual machine from the disk image

The provided image is a qemu/kvm machine (this is the technology we have on the cluster that will execute the tests). Assuming the hard-disk image is mcc-linux.hdd, you may start it with the following Linux command:

$ kvm -m 1024 -drive file=mcc-linux.hdd,media=disk,boot=on

You may also convert the image into a VirtualBox image with the following Linux command:

$ qemu-img convert -O vdi mcc-linux.hdd mcc-linux.vdi

Then, you can create a new Linux VM under VirtualBox using this for for its disk.

About the Properties to be Verified

May 9, 2012: properties are now available in the submission kit. All these properties could be used in the model checking contest, together with some new ones.

You can access to the information concerning properties to be evaluated during the evaluation procedure (the "-check" command):


The deadline to submit your tool for the Model Checking Contest is May 20, 2012 (updated).